Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's all about the habits

They say it takes 30 days to form a new habit.  That's about how long I've been challenging myself to make some serious life-style changes regarding the foods I eat.  This will be a September I will remember for the rest of my life.  Thanks to someone close to me who asked me to be his lab rat for a six week experiment, I'm now out of the danger zone in three areas of concern, my belly full of visceral fat, my high blood pressure and my lack of good cholesterol.  The ten new habits below are what helped me to lose 20 pounds in one month:
  1. Step on the digital scale every morning when I wake up.  The readings are automatically sent to my health coach.
  2. Post details about each meal including sizes and healthiness ratings on my cell phone app.
  3. Take blood pressure readings 2x per day and log.
  4. Avoid buying any foods packaged with a label.
  5. Steam all veggies.
  6. Sleep 8 hours per night.
  7. Exercise 3x per week, one hour per session.
  8. Talk to my health coach once a week.
  9. Try one new healthy food item each week.
  10. Never allow an unhealthy food item in the shopping cart.
The best way to break a bad habit is to form a new one and never look back.  I would like to thank all the people who helped me regain my health.  Your gift to me will be multiplied as other readers come on board and commit to new habits that will enhance their lives.  Have a great day.

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