Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Oh Doctor, I Lost My Love Handles

An anonymous member of my extended family is celebrating his 55th birthday day.  Knowing his food regimen, I doubt the good doc is eating birthday cake today or any day.  I write about the caveman but he's teaching me to eat like one.  Since following his suggestions at the beginning of this month, I'm now half a pound away from dropping a ten pound sack of potatoes, mostly in the midsection.  I looked  in the mirror this morning and noticed something was missing – my love handles.  Oh doctor!

I imagine if my cousin were to make a birthday wish today it would be for people to pay more attention to their health.  Today's blog is dedicated to JRM.  Thanks cuz.  You're the caveman behind the caveman.  I owe my good health to you and I promise to do my best to share my progress with others so your gift to me will be multiplied.  I'm happy to live without the love handles.  Happy birthday.

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