Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Why Mrs. Caveman Likes the New Food Program

Knowing and speaking your spouse's love language is an important key to a healthy relationship.  It's all about acts of service in our household.  Nothing says I love you more than demonstrating my mastery of vacuuming, painting and all other household chores to Mrs. Caveman.  That's why she's 100% behind my six week food experiment.  I'm at the half-way point today and, thanks to my new energy levels, our cave is spotless and the to do list is under control.  No more days feeling fatigued or out of gas.  What's the difference?  I'm eating like a caveman, that hunter gatherer who passed on his genes to all of us.  The more I eat like a caveman, the more my energy levels soar which I use for acts of service.

I'm paying greater attention to the way I eat and it turns out many of our modern day foods are not a good fit for me or my waistline.  I've lost 17.4 pounds this month including 11 pounds of fat according to my digital scale.  That extra sack of potatoes around my waist slowed me down and sometimes got in the way tackling my household duties.  Not any more.  Mrs. Caveman is loading my fuel tank with plenty of fruits and veggies and my engine is running better than ever.  What's more important is what's missing, like grains and dairy products or any other foods that come with a label on them.  These are all foods our ancestors never knew and they caused my insides to become unhealthy.  Give your spouse a gift that keeps on giving.  Resolve to eat like a caveman.  I promise you,  Mrs. Caveman will be thrilled.  Have a great day.

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