25th Wedding Anniversary in Amana Colonies.
Hello.  My name is Michael.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I've been blogging about my challenges to get on track with my food program after going through a health scare with my blood pressure and cholesterol issues related to eating the wrong foods and spending too much time writing rather than exercising.  I'll share more about this in my next book.

My background
My writing career kicked off unofficially when my wife and I began writing love letters to each other.  We filled our spiral notebooks with over 5,000 hand-written expressions of our love.  I entered the publishing arena in 2005 with a group of partners who banded together to create ZoomAutos.com, a photo-ad magazine and internet company.  We added like-minded entrepreneurs to our group and expanded our San Diego business into Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.  My biggest thrill was creating a company from scratch and adding new jobs to the economy.  My partners are now running the company full time and I'm living in the Midwest in a small town about five miles from where my wife grew up.  The Midwest is an amazing place and the seasons each have their own flavor.  My employer in Iowa hired me to join a team of professionals in the marketing and membership department of a fast-growing company and I'm meeting fascinating people from all walks of life.

How to reach me
Please take a moment and subscribe by email  or click here to email me.  I promise to respond within 24 hours.  Everything you need to stay in touch is located on the right margin.

What's next?
I'm pregnant (with another book).  The scheduled release date is timed to coincide with a fundraiser at my day job that benefits Children's Hospital.  All proceeds from my book sales will be donated to help the kids.  Thanks for stopping by today.  I hope you keep in touch.

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