Friday, August 18, 2017

How Many Permission Slips are in Your Medicine Cabinet?

We don't have a medicine cabinet in our home.  If we did, it would be mostly vacant.  There aren't any high blood pressure pills.  No high cholesterol medicine.  Nothing to control aches and pains.  Not even any sleeping pills.  The truth is we don't need permission slips to cover up the real problem in America – eating all the wrong foods that cause trouble.  These pills give you permission to keep making food mistakes.  The symptoms are covered up temporarily until higher doses or new prescriptions are needed.  Why not just stop eating all the foods that are causing health issues?

Your body has everything it needs to fight disease.  If you eat too much of the wrong foods, your body gives up and stops fighting.  Your doctor offers prescription medicine and everything appears to be okay for a while.  Eventually, your medicine cabinet isn't big enough to hold all those permission slips.  Give healthy eating a try for 45 days without artificial ingredients, processed foods, dairy and sodas.  Concentrate on mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, beans and seeds.  You may no longer all those permission slips in your medicine cabinet.  Have a great day.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

An Important Food Lesson from Your Ancestors

Do you know how much sugar your ancestors consumed 10,000 years ago?  20 teaspoons per year.  That's the equivalent of one big gulp every two years.  Never before in human history have we consumed so much high fructose corn syrup and sugar – 140 pounds a year!  Is it any wonder why we are so sick?

The food industry will do everything to convince you high fructose corn syrup is not harmful.  My bet is that if a caveman ate and drank what we drink, he would be forced to give up hunting and gathering because his body would no longer be able to function.  He would die.  So will you if you keep it up.  Do yourself a favor and learn one food lesson from your ancestors – cut out high fructose corn syrup for 30 days.  Check all the labels.  Don't buy any product containing high fructose corn syrup.  The first week may be hell but don't give up.  If your ancestors can do it, you can do it.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pursue Excellence

Excellence isn't a sometime thing.  Excellence is a series of lifestyle choices you make in order to fulfill your dreams.  Your attitude plays a big role in attaining what you desire.  So does your self esteem.  Consider excellence as a recipe you are constantly refining until the taste is just right.  The bigger the goal, the more complicated the recipe and the more time you will need to fine tune it.  Most people give up because they believe they're lousy cooks.  This is a self esteem issue that needs adjusting or you may leave the kitchen and never come back.

I'm dealing with a train wreck in my life and it's a huge mess.  I don't mind sharing this with you because it may help you understand the process of pursuing excellence.  Sometimes this happens when you have a lot on your plate.  I can relate.  My train wreck began when I missed my deadline to release my third book.  There were warning signs but I ignored them because I was so focused on the deadline that I couldn't see out the window and I was headed smack into a wildfire with no way out.  The book stunk.  By the time I finished self-editing, there wasn't much left except a cup of soup that tasted bland.  The one thing I had going for me is my own self esteem which was refined from dealing with years of rejection.  I kept telling myself, keep working on this, you're close, you just need to find the missing ingredients.  Then the train crashed.

Pursue excellence.  Even after train wrecks.  Even if you have to throw out a project you've been working on for what seems like a lifetime and start over.  Stay in the kitchen.  Keep a fire extinguisher handy for the really bad days but don't give up.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Be in the Moment

Imagine for a moment you're on your death bed about to breathe your last breath.  There's a person in the room with you who longs for you to share the most important lesson from your life.  Think carefully about what you would say if you were in this position.

I have no idea how much longer I'm going to be on this planet but I do know if I found myself in the scenario described above there would be one overwhelming feeling inside my heart – gratitude.  Having another person with me during my final moment on earth would mean I did not die alone.  For me, every moment is an opportunity to learn or to teach.  It's also a moment to savor.  Living in the moment requires practice.  It means letting go.  Don't wait until your last breath to learn this lesson.  Your moment is right now.  Seize it.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this moment with you.  Have a great day.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Iowa Wild Card Team Ends Dream Season in Oklahoma

Iowa City Men's USTA 4.0 18+ Tennis Team.

We added one more exciting chapter to our Iowa Men's tennis adventures this last weekend in Oklahoma.  Our first round in the USTA 4.0 18+ Midwest sectionals against St. Louis, MO started out strong with a 4-1 win.   We faced Oklahoma next in the second match of pool play in a round robin format.  Every match was close but we came up short, losing 4-1.  In round 3 we faced an undefeated Kansas team in a must-win situation which was moved indoors due to incessant rain.  We prevailed 4-1 and finished in second place in our pool.  One more match win in any of the first three rounds would have given us an automatic bid into the semifinals and a chance to play the other Iowa team who edged us out in the state championship match 3-2 in June.

Our quarterfinal match against Nebraska was a rematch from one year ago.  My partner and I were still battling late into the evening long after all the other matches were completed.  We had a couple of match points with my partner serving and both times the ball narrowly missed landing in.  Our team gave them everything we had.  The other team came back and beat us 9-7.  Final score:  Nebraska 4, Iowa 1.  We were really hoping for a chance to redeem ourselves in the semis against the other Iowa team but the ball didn't bounce our way.  The Des Moines team held off Nebraska 3-2 in the semis and advanced to play Heart of America in the finals.  Des Moines won 3-2.  They will go to Surprise, Arizona in October.  Congratulations to Des Moines.  I would like to thank my teammates for an amazing season.  Tennis is alive and well in the great Midwest and our dreams will never die.  We'll be back next year for a third attempt against the best players in the region.  I'm grateful for the wild card entry and the opportunity to represent the great state of Iowa.  I wish the Des Moines team well in the National Championships.  Have a great day.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Today is the Finals

This story was written just before I kissed my wife good-bye and headed off for our next great adventure.  If all goes well, we're still playing today.  Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story.  Have a great day.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 2 of Our Regional Championships

Today is day 2 of our regional championships and this is the final day of our round robin.  Loser goes home.  Winner gets an entry into the semis and 2nd and 3rd play one more round in the quarterfinals this afternoon.  Last year we made it to the quarters and got beat in a close one.  There is rain in the forecast.  We're ready for whatever comes our way.  Have a great day.