Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Salute to the Crazy Ones

I'm feeling inspired today.  Call me crazy.  Call me a misfit.  The bottom line is I believe I can make a difference.  I believe I can change the world.  It starts with a ripple.  One small act of kindness.  Another, asks, "Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"That crazy guy over there.  Look at him all alone trying to change the world by himself.  I think I'll help him out."

Then two people join together to work on the impossible.  A third person says, "you don't have a chance.  I'm going to pitch in even though I don't believe you have a chance in Hell at changing the world."

By the end of the week, thirty seven people on the crazy man's author page clicked the like button to show support.  A few onlookers standing on the sidelines are talking.  "He's out there.  I don't think I've ever seen anyone like him.  That dude's been writing something on the wall every day at 8:08 and he won't stop.  He got some tee shirt guy in an unknown town to make him a cover for his novel.  There's a crazy caveman on the cover.  I think it's a reflection of the writer.  Can you believe it?  There's stuff in there about Jesus.  That's not politically correct.  Who wants to read about Jesus?"

Another voice in the crowd asks, "Did you hear about the Caveman Miracle Network?  I've been reading the writing on the dude's blog wall and people are noticing even though the caveman hasn't spent one dime on advertising.  He got his start with one hundred angels in the outfield.  They donated money to get him off the ground.  He put some free blogs together and opened up an author page on Google.  I checked his stats and he's got over 800,000 visitors on his Google author page and 1.4 million views on his first blog.  Maybe the guy can pull off a miracle."

"Nope.  It won't happen," says another.  "Facebook will block him.  They don't like it when someone tries to get their name out there without paying to be seen.  This guy doesn't have a chance."

"Well, I admire crazy people,"  says a bystander who has been listening.  "They remind me of some people in my own family.  They were misfits too.  I'm going over to the crazy dude's caveman miracle network and I'm going to join.  The caveman says he can't start until he has one hundred volunteers.  I want to see what he can do if he makes his goal."

Click here to join the quest.  Help a kid out and click the like button on the author page.  Make a miracle happen.  Be a part of the ripple effect.  Thank you.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Something's Happening at the Caveman Reflections Cyber-bistro

Have you heard the news?  Friends of the caveman are banding together to make a miracle happen in May.  It's called the Caveman Miracle Network, benefiting children.  You can visit the bistro to see what it's about. Click here.   The fun is just getting started and there's room for you to join.  This is a grass roots effort to change the world and I'm starting with the man caveman in the mirror.  Here's the theme song for the Miracle in May...

I'm still working on the details of the project and I'm calling on someone special to lead the team.  Her name is Jo McElroy Senecal and she is one of my fabulous cousins.  She laid her dad to rest a couple of days ago and is away on a family vacation in San Diego celebrating two lives well-lived, Larry and Mary McElroy.  I'm asking Jo and her siblings to make Mary and Larry the honorary chairpersons of CMN since these two amazing people were responsible for so many miracles on earth during their lifetimes.  Please consider joining CMN.  Visit my author page and click the like button to show your support.  More details will be announced soon.  Have a great day.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Going Fishing for a Miracle in May

One of my favorite Bible stories is about fishing.  Jesus stood watching on the sidelines while his followers cast their nets.  Nothing happened.  These men who changed the world once they got their inspiration from above failed miserably at fishing.  Jesus had to show them the way.  They became fishers of men.  Their stories turned into the greatest best seller of all times.

Flash-forward 2,000 years.  I'm readying my boat to fish for a miracle in May and Jesus is watching from above.  I know one thing – I'm doomed unless I get some helpers to join me in the boat.  You have two choices.  You can stand on the sidelines and ridicule me while I cast my net or you can join me and help me change the world.  Please don't play the excuse game with me.  I've been there done that enough times to know that excuses are really objections designed to hide behind fear – fear of failure, fear of the unknown and fear of what others will say if you're caught associating with "those people."  I'm one of "those people."  Yes, I know I'm unorthodox.  I prefer the house brand to designer labels.  And I really don't think I'm qualified to haul in a miracle in May.  Jesus is calling the shots.  He called my name.  I'm going fishing.  It would be nice to have some companions.  Think about it.  The boat leaves the dock on May 1.  Come back tomorrow and find out more about the adventure.  Have a great day.

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” ~ Matthew 19:26

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mulligan's Recipe for a Miracle

Miracle definition:  a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.

The voices in my head are back again.  I thought I could finally silence them when I published my novel, "The Caveman in the Mirror."  Nope.  They're whispering about all the ingredients I need to serve up a miracle in the month of May.  If you thought you were going to sit back and watch it happen, I have news for you.  You are the secret ingredient.  I can't pull it off without your help. 

You have two weeks to think about participating.  I will reveal the recipe for a miracle on May 1.  Bookmark this blog and stay tuned.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bearing Witness ~ A Story Penned by my Cousin, Jo McElroy Senecal

Reunited with his angel in Heaven, 2015.

My precious cousins are celebrating the life of Larry McElroy today in San Diego.  In honor of their dad, I'm posting a link to Jo's New York Times story for my blog readers.  My heart is with my cousins today and I'm happy my mother will be there in person to offer our family's condolences.  Get your box of tissue and read this story posted in the New York Times...

RIP, Uncle Larry.  And don't worry about us.  Your legacy lives on in your three amazing children I'm proud to call my cousins.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Would You Like to Help Make a Miracle Happen?

It's going to happen.  I expect it.  You play a vital role.  The seed was planted in my head a while ago and it sprouted yesterday morning while I was sitting in God's house listening to a story from Acts 4:32-35...

The community of believers was of one heart and mind,
and no one claimed that any of his possessions was his own,
but they had everything in common.
With great power the apostles bore witness
to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus,
and great favor was accorded them all.
There was no needy person among them,
for those who owned property or houses would sell them,
bring the proceeds of the sale,
and put them at the feet of the apostles,
and they were distributed to each according to need.

That's when I got my lighting bolt moment.  It's when your doubts and your weaknesses are no longer a part of the story.  It's when you recognize who you are and why you're here.  I'm ready.  I'm not afraid.  The same spirit who inspired the early followers of Jesus to leave the upper room and go out to change the world is with all of us today.  In my case, it's a basement in a small town in the heartland of America and I'm ready to march out of my cave and do the work.  If you are reading this today, consider yourself written into the story.  It's about children and miracles.  If you decline the offer, there will be consequences.  The world will not change.  I need your help.  If your answer is yes, please share this story with your friends and come back on May 1 to join me.  If you're on FaceBook, click here for my author page and show your support by liking the page.  I will share the rest of the story on May 1.  Thanks for joining me.  Have a great day.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Author Page on FB Dedicated to my Dad, the First Independent Publisher in my Family

Pictured above is my dad, Patrick John Mulligan, handing me an autographed copy of his first book, "The Bisbee Doll with the Purple Tongue."  If he were alive today, he would be stunned by all the recent developments in the world of publishing.   It baffles me that a reader can order a book and receive it twenty-four hours later.  Amazon doesn't even begin printing a book until it is ordered first.  This print-on-demand process reduces storage fees and streamlines the whole process.

Dad's battle with cancer ended two years prior to Facebook's introduction into the social media world.  I wish I could share my new author page with him.  His memory lives on in all my writing projects, including "God's Black Sheep Squadron," a family memoir about his last thirty-five days with us.  If you would like to see my new FB author page, dedicated to my dad, click here for the link.  I would appreciate it you would please like the site.  I picture my dad looking down from Heaven and offering a toast to all my visitors and friends.  Have a great day.