Thursday, July 28, 2016

Your Purpose

Your journey in life is a long and winding road.  The people you meet along the way are struggling to find their purpose.  Spend time with them.  Get to know them.  You may have something inside yourself that they need.  Instead of racing to the finish line, slow down and look around.  The journey becomes meaningful when you discover your purpose in life – sharing your gifts and talents with others.  Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Checklist, Please

T minus seven days to departure.  It's all about the checklist now.  Even though I've been here over a thousand times in my head, I'm still making out checklists.  Mrs. Caveman agreed to let me take our Vitamix with me to the playoffs in Oklahoma City next week.  That makes the food part of the journey much simpler.  The blender is my secret weapon.  It took a year to refine my recipe and the combination of fruits, veggies and seeds is making a big difference in the health and fitness category.

I'm on the courts again tonight with my teammates after a full day at my day job.  This is it.  It's a big checklist of final things to do in preparation for our tournament next weekend.  Have a great day.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Next Round of Playoffs in 10 Days

Dreams never die, they recycle.  They're like butterflies you let go of and watch fly away.  One day when you're least expecting it, the dream reappears, lands on your nose and rekindles your passion.  My butterfly was disguised as a tennis ball and it struck me dead center on my face while I was playing a friendly game of men's senior tennis about a year ago.  At 55, I was old enough to play with a group of men ranging from 60 to 82.  They reminded me of past friends I met while living in Southern California in the Valley of the Sun.  I was having so much fun with the senior butterflies that my tennis story could have ended there and I would have lived happily ever after.  One of the tennis pros at the club saw me playing with the seniors and told me about a group of doubles players who played tennis on Wednesday nights. She invited me to join midway through the season because they were short players and needed to fill a few spots.  "You'll start at the bottom and if you win you can move up," Aimee said, unaware she was connecting with my inner competitive caveman side.  I was all in.

I had no clue when that butterfly landed on my nose one year ago that I would find myself playing on a traveling tennis team headed for the Midwest Sectionals in Oklahoma City next week.  Play begins in ten days.  I have new Wilson racquets, new shoes and a recycled dream of returning to Southern California for a shot at the national championships in September.  We are the Iowa Men's 4.0 state champions in the 18+ division and I'm the oldest member of the team.

My dream nearly ended in February when I dove for a ball and ended up tumbling on court 4 during our Wednesday night doubles match.  I thought I pulled a muscle but it wouldn't heal.  I visited my doctor and he told me I needed surgery to repair a groin hernia.  The surgery is on hold until approximately 8:08 in the morning on 8/08.  That's just enough time to complete our ten hour journey home from Oklahoma City after the regional playoffs.  Should our national championship dream still be alive by the time I meet Da Vinci, the robot being used to fix up my aging body, I told my team-mates I'll be back on the courts in time to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  Stay tuned for the rest of the story.  Have a great day.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Something Special Inside Every Adversity

Fear cripples.  It's not a synonym for adversity but many falsely lump these two words together as the same evil force.  I see the magic in adversity.  This is where new opportunities are hatched if you're willing to endure the short-term pain you must face in order to transform your adversity seeds into a bumper crop.

If you want a better life, learn to be an adversity farmer.  The seeds come in many forms:  broken hearts, broken relationships, failed business ventures, unfair bosses, extreme weather, bad health, unemployment, etc.  When the world is running away from adversity, water your seeds.  Find the magic.  Find the lesson.  Seek the new opportunity.  Embrace change.  You will never be hungry when you sow the seeds of adversity.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Visitor

Her name will remain anonymous for privacy reasons.  She's visiting today and I can't wait to welcome her into our home.  She's family.  That's as much as I can say about her identity.  We all have people in our lives we look up to – people who inspire us to climb new mountains, set new goals, be the best we can be in all circumstances.  I'm blessed to have a family member who brings out the best in me, especially on my darkest days.

My hope for you today is that you will be touched by an angel – a special person who helps you find your own connection to the Creator.  That's how powerful this person is in my personal life.  Today I get the opportunity to hug an angel and thank her for inspiring me.  Have a great day.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Daily Discipline

Impossible dreams are the nightmares of the undisciplined.  If you're having trouble sleeping at night, consider adding daily discipline to your routine.  And if you don't have a routine, start there.  Your routine is your road map to your goals.  Get in the habit of doing important activities as soon as you wake up.  Make check lists.  Check everything off every day.  You can do this.  Have a great day.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Find Your Opportunity in the Muck

Having a bad day?  It happens.  Your best plans fall apart.  An unexpected set of events disrupts your life.  I call it being in the muck.  This is the time in your life when you can set yourself apart from the average person who focuses on the trap rather than the solution.  There's always a solution.  Never give up.  The muck can't win.  What it can do is shape you and make you stronger.

Perhaps my best learning experience from my years in the muck has to do with vision.  It was really easy to see why everyone else was stuck but I never really looked closely at my own weaknesses.  I had to scrape the muck off the mirror and see myself.  The truth is I was actually feeding my own muck just like cancer cells feed off of certain foods you allow into your body.  I had to stop feeding my own muck.  There are other food sources for muck – jealousy, hatred, anger, envy, self doubt.  I needed a new life, a new attitude and a creative solution for killing the muck.  My opportunity was in the mirror.  That person in the mirror is free now.  I see new opportunity every morning when I wake up.  It's closer than you think.  Have a great day.