Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I Put Grains on My Do Not Eat List

It's really hard to find the right food program when you're bombarded with so many mixed messages, especially when "trusted" authorities issue guidelines inconsistent with actual diets from some of the fittest athletes in the world from our ancient past.  I'm referring to our ancestors.  They walked an average of eight to twelve miles a day, never sat around in front of the TV and maintained a healthy weight without even trying.  I'm surprised to learn they avoided grains.  And I'm even more surprised what's happening to my body now that I'm grain free.  Although it's only been about a couple of weeks, I've already lost fifteen pounds.  My blood pressure has also dropped to the normal range.  For those who are following my guinea pig experiment, my numbers came in at 107/69 at sunrise this morning.

Besides the good doctor who is running the show, it's Mrs. caveman who appreciates the "no grain" way of life best because I'm using my newfound energy to clean our cave from top to bottom.  It's like taking a shot of pure energy.  For those who might want to challenge me about my new food program, I have a challenge for you... try eliminating all grains from your food program for thirty days and get back to me.  By the way, throw out all processed foods while you're at it.  Meanwhile, check in every morning and I'll share more about what I'm doing to improve my health.  Have a great day.

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