Sunday, September 27, 2015

Overcoming Temptations

I knew yesterday was going to be my most difficult day ever since beginning my food challenge this month.  I'm one of those value guys who opts for the biggest popcorn size at the movies because it comes with free refills.  We went to the movies in the middle of a split shift at work yesterday afternoon and I was not looking forward to confronting my temptations at the concession counter.  I carried in a bottle of water, a bag of almonds, walnuts, pecans and some raisins to help me stay strong; it was enough to satisfy my urge to splurge.

The final temptation was even more difficult.  My boss called our team in for a rare night meeting and he went all out with some of my favorite foods currently on the do not eat list.  I focused my eyes on the salad section and kept everything else off my plate.  The good news is I no longer have anything to fear at the movies or any other place where temptation may appear in my life.  It's not about dwelling on the bucket of popcorn or the seafood slathered in butter.  It's about focusing on new habits like remembering to bring home-made trail mix with you when you're out socializing.  I'm going to finish this month twenty pounds or more lighter because I'm not letting temptation get the best of me.  It feels good.  Have a great day.

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