Saturday, September 26, 2015

Your Ways Are Not My Ways

Every now and then I get a small glimpse of what God's ways are.  It's challenging to see in today's world filled with false hopes and empty promises.  I spent the first two quarters of my life trying to figure out God's ways.  When a tiny morsel comes in my direction, I devour it like honey from Heaven.  I got one at the beginning of this month and it's a game changer.  Think about your health for a moment.  Ponder your lifestyle.  Are your ways His ways?  How would you rate your physical fitness on a one to ten scale?  Are you a reflection of our Creator?  One month ago my answers were not so good.  I'm 19 pounds lighter today than I was almost one month ago because I gave up my ways and started eating foods my body was designed for rather than man-made garbage dressed up in fancy packages.  It's impossible to be a reflection of the Creator when we treat our bodies so poorly.

My goal for the final quarters of my life is to be a better reflection of my Creator.  I plan to keep seeking His ways.  Don't follow me.  You will get lost.  Follow Jesus.  He is the way and the truth and the light.  Jesus left a trail of bread crumbs for all of us and from now on his bread is the only bread on my food list.  Have a great day.

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