Sunday, September 20, 2015

Why I'm Nuts About My New Food Program

The lab results are in.  I'm shocked.  If I didn't no any better I'd tell you someone spiked the water cooler with liquids from the fountain of youth.  Before the transformation my body was what real estate agents call a real fixer upper.  You know what I'm taking about – a sick piece of crap that looks okay on the outside but is loaded with termites and other hidden ailments on the inside.  It appears I may have been suffering from a food intolerance that caused my blood pressure to sky rocket, my good cholesterol to plummet and my bad cholesterol to rent space in my inflamed arteries.  Left unchecked, I would have ended up with a heart attack or stroke.  The only thing in my favor is my wife's love for a fixer upper.  And, thanks to the good doctor who pointed me in the right direction I didn't happen to see because they're hidden by our modern "healthy" culture, this dilapidated old body is getting a mulligan and now structurally sound.  Here are the numbers:

2/2015 Health Assessment

Weight                     178  (weight ballooned to 185 during my novel writing experience)
Blood Pressure        160/100  (stage II hypertension)
Total Cholesterol     172 
Good Cholesterol      27   (high risk)
TC/HDL ratio          6.4   (high risk)

 9/2015 Health Assessment

Weight                     170
Blood Pressure        102/71
Total Cholesterol     139
Good Cholesterol      49
TC/HDL  ratio         2.84  (Desirable ratio less than 4.5)

It's important to note these numbers didn't change until the beginning of this month when I became a guinea pig for a food experiment.  I started the month of September 16 pounds heavier than I am today.  I'm sleeping better, my plumbing is working better and the numbers above confirm how I feel on the inside.  There are still more renovations to go and the food experiment will be extended for the rest of my life.  I seem to enjoy being a pig.  And if you want to learn more about what I'm doing, all I can say is "you're nuts."  Translation:  you are what you eat.  Almonds anyone?  Have a great day.

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