Saturday, September 5, 2015

Life Without Credit Card Debt

It's been nearly thirty days since we paid off our last credit card.  The feeling is like being trapped in a smoke-filled room all your life until one day you discover the exit door and walk out into the sunshine.  Ahhhh.  That fresh air feels so good.  It's a whole new world.  Then, you turn around and notice all the trapped people who don't know what credit card freedom feels like.  They're stuck in a prison cell.  Most falsely believe car payments and credit cards are a way of life. 

My wife and I are re-arranging our family budget this month.  Instead of giving our hard-earned dollars to the banks, we're joining a health club.  This is our reward for paying off our credit cards.  It feels great to be back in the sunshine.  I highly recommend it.  If you're inhaling smoke, there's a way out.  Decide today you want a life without credit card debt.  Think about how your life will be when you have extra funds in your checking account.  Have a great day.

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