Monday, January 11, 2016

Trust Your Co-pilot

The first time I boarded a plane with the love of my life she held me with a death grip.  Her breathing patterns changed during take-off.  Her eyes were fixated on the flight attendant who was demonstrating what to do in case of emergency.  I noticed my love was squeezing me so tight that her knuckles were turning white.  The turbulence in the air was worse than normal.  We eventually made it to our destination and my love regained her composure.  She trusted me.  I think that first flight was only a warm-up for even greater challenges ahead.  Now I'm the one with the white knuckles.

I have no fear of flying but there are other things that spook me.  I prefer to keep them private for now because they involve family matters.  What helps me get through my challenges is having a co-pilot.  Jesus is in the cockpit.  He tells all the passengers, "I've got this.  Don't worry."  He can read our minds.  He knows exactly what we need.  I trust Jesus with my life, even if the flight gets a little bumpy.  Don't leave home without Him.  Have a great day.

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