Sunday, January 31, 2016

Are You Suffering from SRS (Stinky Room Syndrome)?

Remember that Pigpen character from Charlie Brown?  He was the kid who carried a dark cloud around with him everywhere he went.  The problem with his situation is he never truly knew what it's like to be clean.  The same thing happens when we live in a dirty environment.  It's also a state of mind.  I've been there.  The sorry thing about SRS is that you may fall into the trap and accept it as the way life is supposed to be. 

Don't succumb to SRS.  Go outside and smell the fresh air.  Change your zip code.  Walk away from stinky people.  Change your career if you're not finding fulfillment.  When you're away from the stink for a while and return, you'll notice the bad odor in the air.  You stop noticing you're living in dirt if you stay in it too long.  Beware.  SRS is peligroso.  You deserve clean living.  Have a great day.

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