Saturday, January 16, 2016

Can You Pass This Happiness Test?

Any score below 100% in this happiness test means failure.  Ready?  Here goes:
  1. True or false, I'm happy in good times and in bad.
  2. True or false, The stock market has no influence over my level of happiness.
  3. True or false, My favorite sports team had a losing season, didn't make the playoffs, or decided to move to another city and I'm still happy.
  4. True or false, The weather outside does not affect my happiness zone.
  5. True or false, I believe happiness is a choice.
  6. True or false, I never let negative people invade my happy place.
  7. True or false, I like spending time with happy people.
  8. True or false, I smile at often.
  9. True or false, I believe I will find my purpose before I die.
  10. True or false, I will remain happy no matter how great the challenge or the struggle in my life may be.
If you answered true to all ten statements, you appear to be a happy person.  If you answered false one or more times, take a moment to examine why you answered that way.  Is it possible for you to change your answer in the future?  My hope for you today is that you are happy.  I know some people going through some very difficult situations.  They are happy.  Thank you for taking this test.  Have a great day.

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