Friday, January 22, 2016


I'm away from my laptop during a ten day friends and family tour and today is day 5.  I won't be able to communicate with you until 1/27.  While I'm away, I'm sharing some ideas I penned before my departure.  Today's thought is about endurance.  It's inspired by the loved ones in my life who have found a way to stay on the challenge course in spite of major obstacles.  Sometimes, winning is defined simply as not quitting.  It's the daily effort to keep running no matter what happens.

Think of all your ancestors who came before you.  Each generation had defining moments – the Great Depression, the World Wars, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, the Pilgrimage.  Our ancestors were busy fleeing famine and oppression, fighting for survival and struggling to raise families.  They kept running.  They never gave up.  If they did, you wouldn't be here today. 

I'm thankful for those who came before me.  I'm carrying their drive to thrive in my DNA.  I owe it to them to finish this race strong.  How about you?  Are you willing to keep running no matter what you encounter in your daily endeavors?  Seize the day.  You can do this.  Have a great day.

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