Monday, January 4, 2016

Meet the Person Who Can Change Your World

Are you ready to meet the one person who can change your world dramatically?  This is the person who will always be there, in good times and in bad.  Caution.  You may have trust issues.  You may be afraid of the past.  Don't let it stop you from looking in the mirror and reflecting.  That's right.  That person in the mirror can do more for you than anyone else can.  Today is a good day to let go of your inhibitions and let the real you come out.  Stop worrying about how others perceive you.  Most others don't really want you to succeed in the pursuit of your dreams.  Their reasons are selfish.  They understand that if you change, they may have to also and they're afraid of this.  Don't give up.

Seven years ago I had a heart-to-heart with my man in the mirror.  The world outside appeared to be in some kind of a war zone.  The man in the mirror looked frazzled and tired.  Deep down I knew a storm was coming.  Not the kind of storm where the sun will come out tomorrow, but a prolonged period of turbulent weather that makes you want to hide out in the closet.  Sorry, man in the mirror, closets are for people who are afraid of their own shadow.  The expressions on the face of the man in the mirror inspired me to write a novel.  I'm thankful for the man in the mirror, the one who haunted me every time I went outside in bad weather.  Seven years later, the man in the mirror is still with me.  He appears younger and happier.  He knows we can survive anything.  Everything in life is a test.  It's best summarized in a two-part question:
  1. Can you change the world?
  2. If you answered yes to question #1, then how?
The man in the mirror can read my mind.  He knows the answer is yes.  And he understands changing the world begins with changing the person staring at you every morning when you look in the mirror.  Do you believe?  Have a great day.

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