Thursday, January 21, 2016

How to Gain Confidence

I'm away from my laptop during a ten day friends and family tour and today is day 4.  I won't be able to communicate with you until 1/27.  While I'm away, I'm sharing some ideas I penned before my departure.  Today's thought is about confidence.  It's about being willing to ask yourself open-ended questions.

I'm meeting with a private group tomorrow.  When I share my thoughts, there won't be any notes in my hand.  Does that sound scary?  I don't think so as long as you have some kind of mental template to follow.  I'm going to share three questions I asked God at a time in my life when I was feeling lost.  The answers were both revealing and scary at the same time.  The truth is God works in mysterious ways.  He has all the answers.  If you want confidence and you don't have all the answers, bring your questions to God.  Close your eyes and ask.  Some day you may end up sharing your answers with others.  Don't be surprised by the confidence you gain, expect it.  Have a great day.

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