Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year, A New Decade, A New Beginning

Hello 2010!!!

It was ten short years ago when all of us feared what would happen when Y2K arrived. We were told that our computers would crash and many thought the world would end. Yes, there were many ups and downs these last ten years, but the world continues to exist.

I have decided that this year and this decade will be a time of hope. A time for all of us to let go of our fears and become the people we have been created to be. Should I be blessed with ten more years on this planet, my promise to all of you that follow this blog is to publish 3,650 more entries before we welcome the year 2020. I will publish all the good that Jesus is doing for me and bring in special guests from all walks of life that can help spread the good news.

The important message for today is to make long term commitments instead of "resolutions" that most will break before this three day weekend is over.

I give special kudos to my good friend and tennis buddy, Leland Rolling, who I read about in the Ramona Journal last night. I never write about others unless I have permission first, but in this case, Leland's story is published so I will just repeat his message for my fellow bloggers.

Leland set out to drop 30 pounds and return to competitive tennis. He and his wife created a fitness plan which included playing tennis three to four days a week. Leland is a former California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) champion from his junior year in high school and an MVP at San Diego State University. While at Marin Community College, his win-loss record was an amazing 45-1.

According to the United States Tennis Association (USTA), Leland is currently ranked number one in his age division (Men's 45s) in San Diego County, number six in southern California, and number 38 in the nation.

His goal is to be one of the top ten in the nation and to be a good example for his children. He has also set a few new goals for this new year. Knowing Leland personally, I am thankful that he left Goliath so that Zoom could have a better chance of winning. It is people like Leland that make companies and the world around us better. He will be an inspiration for all of us in the new year and decade ahead. Thank you, Leland, for being my inspiration and I look forward to seeing you on the courts. Top ten in the country, you can do it!

Today, my wife and I have our sails at full mast. We are going to commit to more romance, more family time, and to all of the goals we have set for this new year. Our goals are in writing and on our vision boards. My wife has the word "Hope" prominently displayed and I have adopted that word as my own personal mantra for this year and this decade.

In my eyes, I do not care if the glass is half full or half empty. I don't even care if it is completely empty. Today is a new beginning and it is time for all of us to fill our glasses so that they are spilling over in abundance. Lets celebrate this new year together and keep hope alive. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Leland said...

Mike thanks for sharing my little story. I know I couldn't have achieved any of the above without faith, a supportive family and a wife that is second to none (well, maybe next to yours :). It's also important for me to mention that for each goal there came multiple challenges during the process against achieving them. This is not unlike challenges against our faith. We must remain steadfast, resilient and focused, and re-evaluate at times what we need to do to achieve those goals. At times it may seem impossible, but with a good plan, great attitude and Faith I was able to achieve a lot last year. On to 2010!!! Thanks again. Leland

Michael Mulligan said...

Well said and well done, Leland! You are welcome to share your fitness plan, your faith or any other ideas you have that can help all of us to stay on course here on this blog.

You will always have my support as you pursue higher goals in this brand new decade. Yes, I know what you mean about having a supportive family and my wife will appreciate your kind words directed at her. Thanks for sharing!