Monday, January 11, 2010

New Habits

Experts say that it takes approximately thirty days to form a new habit. This first month of this new year is critical it you want your goals to become habits.

Try combining your new goal with an established habit to help you remember you are working on something new. I know that doing exercises while brushing your teeth sounds strange but this helps me to remember I am working on something new every time I take out my tooth brush. After thirty days, you are well on your way to turning new goals into a new way of life.

Ask the people close to you to help you form new habits. It makes it easier to take a walk every day if you know one of your friends or neighbors will walk with you, especially if you just don't feel like going outside on a cold day.

If you have lost sight of some of your new goals, this is the day to get back on track. You are only in the first mile of a marathon that will take a lifetime to complete. Go to the water station and take a drink. Then, get back on the course and start again. It doesn't matter when you cross the finish line. What is important is that you achieve all you want in life.

New habits need time to form. Don't give up. If you are still on track with your 2010 goals, stay focused, you still have twenty days to go to make them a habit that can transform your life. Stay strong!

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