Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Get Out of Hell

Yesterday I met another business owner while I was shopping. I had not seen him or his family in over one year. He and his wife both told me how excited they were for a new year to begin. As we talked, the wife asked if our families were living in parallel universes because our circumstances were so much alike.

I told my friends that when you are going through hell, you must keep walking. The only way out is by taking one step at a time. No matter how far away the exit is, you will never get out by standing still.

Sometimes, we are so focused on our circumstances that we forget others are also struggling. Teaming up with others who are in similar situations can really help on the journey out of hell. It also builds bonds of friendship.

I have so much respect for my partners because of the hard times we have faced. They have helped me not just in the business world, but also on how to be a better husband and parent.

Don't try to get out of hell all by yourself. The Evil One will convince you that you belong right where you are. Join hands with others that want out of a bad situation and walk out together. These people will be friends for life because you will remember how you helped each other to get out of trouble.

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