Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Request from a Friend

I received an email from a long-time friend yesterday. His son, Andrew Miller, is raising money by running in his first marathon. The donations will go to the Aids Project- Los Angeles. The runner has been a friend of the family for nearly twenty three years.

Andrew is asking for support and donations. I promised him that I would reach out to all who follow this blog as he strives to raise $2,000 (he is almost there). There is a place where you can leave a note of encouragement. Let him know the naked cave man sent you.

This cause has personal meaning for me as I lost my high school doubles partner to Aids. I am sorry to admit to all of you that I was not there to comfort him during his fight as my prejudice got the best of me and I abandoned Scott before I became aware of his illness. I no longer judge people and I ask God to forgive me for the times I looked down on those who were different from me.

If you would like to support a friend who is doing his best to make the world better, copy the link to Andrew's website below and paste the link to make a donation today. Thank you for taking action today.

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James E Miller said...

Thank you so much for your support and kind words for Andrew's committment. Upon waking this morning to join his running group for thier long Saturday morning run, Andrew was overwhelmed by the generous support of so many people who have responded to his goal. He became acquainted with the AIDS Foundation when his Loyola Marymount University fraternity adopted the foundation as its charity of interest. He was the frat's liason and has remanined involved with their social outreach programs. So thank you Mike and all who support Andrew through prayers and treasure!
Jim MIller