Sunday, January 3, 2010


Raising a family in southern California has given us a chance to spend lots of time at the beach and in the sunshine. There have only been a few times that we have played in the snow. One year ago we had a major storm that dropped snow in the mountains nearby and we set out to throw snowballs at each other and build snowmen.

My children quickly learned that a tiny snow ball can grow into something quite large if it is rolled around in the snow. The trick is to stay with it and keep rolling the snow ball until it has reached the perfect size to make a snow man.

In life, most of us get an idea of what we want to accomplish but that little snow ball (our goals) we are rolling around just doesn't look like it will ever get big enough to reach its desired size and we give up.

This new year is just three days old. Our new goals are just like tiny snow balls. We need to keep rolling and build momentum before the snow melts and we miss the opportunity to build the perfect snow man.

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