Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Missing Ingredient

The last time my dad came to visit, he wanted to know why I did not have a Weber grill. He told me that it was necessary in order to make barbecuing a success every time. Before he left this world he bought one Weber grill for my family and one for my sister's family. He demonstrated all the techniques that he developed over time and we learned "if you are gonna do it, do it right".

Sometimes, the difference between a good meal and a great meal comes down to just one ingredient. Families have secret recipes that are passed from generation to generation and certain ingredients can make something "world famous". Colonel Sanders keeps his secrets locked up in a vault.

The way we look at past memories can be like eating something that is missing a key ingredient. When something is missing, our favorite foods do not taste good. We can change the "flavor" of a memory simply by adding something to it. For me, it is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit can go back in time to a bad memory and help us change the flavor. Maybe we were hurt by another and every time we recall the situation, it is so bad that we can still taste it. The Holy Spirit can help us to add an ingredient that changes how the memory tastes. Most of us have never tried this particular spice labeled "forgiveness". When this is added to the memory, it is still there but it tastes better.

You have the ability to become a master chef. Learn as much as you can about food preparation and make sure you have all the right tools. I am thankful my dad gave me a Weber and I think of him every time I barbecue. He helped me to change the taste of some past memories that were missing some key ingredients. If you need help improving the taste of some of your memories, try asking the Holy Spirit for some cooking lessons...your food will never taste better.

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