Thursday, January 21, 2010

Everything Has a Price

In life, every choice that you make has a price associated with it. The price of eating junk food is poor health and excess weight. The price of failing to keep in touch with friends is loneliness. The choice to avoid daily exercise comes with a price tag that results in lower productivity, and increased fatigue.

Burning the midnight oil also has a price. Your body needs a certain amount of sleep each day. Short changing your sleep hurts your overall health. Pay the price of regular sleep and the benefit is more alertness during the day and the energy to live your life to the fullest.

Do some comparison shopping and decide which choices have the best overall price. By paying a little more today to take care of your health, you can be rewarded with lower prices on medical care later in life. Each goal you made for this year has a price associated with it. By giving up on these goals, you will pay a price. Good habits and bad habits both have a price. Be careful to evaluate the price of every choice you make and do this daily to keep focused. Become a smart shopper today.

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