Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Elevator

Before entering the elevator, we need to decide which direction we want to go. During our lifetime, we probably find ourselves sometimes going up and sometimes going down. Different people enter and exit the elevator as we move from floor to floor. Each stop has its own opportunities and challenges.

As children, we are taught to follow our parents, teachers and other role models and the general direction we choose is up. Something happens when we experience early adulthood and we sometimes pick the down elevator. We visit floors that we know we should be avoiding. The peer pressure to follow the crowd gets in the way of our decision-making process.

All of us hope to one day make it to the penthouse. For thousands of years this special floor was locked up and it took a Savior to allow access for those desiring to go all the way to the top. Before we can get to our final destination, we need to visit a series of floors and learn lessons. If we end up going in the wrong direction, we need to get off the elevator and wait for one that is going up.

Sometimes, the guilt we have from visiting the wrong floor gets to us and we do not feel worthy to visit the penthouse. We feel that we belong in the down elevator. As we descend, we associate with others who lack hope and we don't know what to do.

There is always an emergency button in every elevator. No matter what level you are on, you can always hit the button and exit. The entire crowd you are with may try to stop you, but you can always to choose to change directions.

Maybe there are people in the elevator with you who are afraid to push the stop button. They are so afraid of what others think that they just keep descending. Stand up to the peer pressure and find an elevator that is going up.

Today's blog is dedicated to a good friend that I reconnected with this week. This friend told me that when his mother went to the penthouse, he felt his life became empty and he chose the down elevator. I can relate. It was not until I chose to leave the cave and write about the One who unlocked the penthouse that I found a special purpose. I am sorry for the times I went down instead of up but I am thankful that Jesus told me there is a place waiting for me in the penthouse. All are invited, all we have to do is push the up button.

We cannot go to the penthouse until it is our time. We must choose to visit every floor that the Holy Spirit leads us to and develop our gifts. Our choices can inspire others to choose the up elevators. If we should end up in a down elevator, we must recognize our weaknesses and change directions.

I want to thank my friend for sharing his story with me. He told me he was afraid that others who knew him would discover he was on a very bad floor. My friend, all of us have been on floors where we should not be. It takes courage to admit our mistakes. We need to honor those who taught us to choose the up elevators. They are waiting for us and watching us from the penthouse. Each time we choose to go up, they cheer. When we invite others to go up with us on our journey, they throw a big party in the penthouse.

My friend, your mother is cheering for you. You changed directions before it was too late and I am proud of you. My father is right next to her and they are both hoping we lead others to the penthouse. Until we are re-united with all those that have gone to the penthouse, lets keep choosing the up button...

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