Monday, January 25, 2010

The Book of Eli

Yesterday, we took our youngest son to see the Book of Eli. He earned a movie ticket and was eager to cash it in. The movie reminded me that each of us is called to do something in this world. Sometimes, we may not believe we are qualified to do what is asked of us.

The lesson I learned from the movie is that God calls the "unqualified" and trains them along the way. Eli was on a journey that took more than thirty years to complete. The obstacles he faced seemed impossible. His journey started with a dream or a vision. Each day was filled with adversity, the kind most of us in this great country have never witnessed.

I promised you that I would focus on "hope" throughout this year. Go see this movie. As you watch, ask yourself what you feel you are called to do. Take action. You will become qualified to do the job as you proceed to your destination. Do not let your own limitations hinder you. Just take the first step.

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