Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surviving the Storms

The third storm in less than a week will be arriving later today in my state. There is another one right behind it. It comes at a time when the world is reaching out to assist the victims in Haiti who were devastated in a 7.0 earthquake. The rescue workers were shocked when a 6.1 earthquake struck the area again early this morning. No place on the planet is safe from adversity.

It is usually in the stormiest of times that we ask God why He allows all of this. Maybe we are putting a list of questions together to ask our Creator when we meet Him. It is a part of the puzzle that I do not understand. Maybe these storms are opportunities for all of us to show our humanity. The best of us comes out when others need assistance. We tend to reach out to God with our prayers and it is a great opportunity for God to reveal Himself. It is also a time for us to grow when we are faced with difficult times.

The vision of eternal life for all of us helps me to cope with all the storms I face. When I see someone who is close to death, I see someone who is about to be free from suffering and move on to a better place. This world is only temporary. The storms we face will pass and Spring will arrive soon. The mountains will be green and the flowers in full bloom.

Scientists have recently discovered water beneath the Sahara Desert. They say that the it is the equivalent of all the water in the Great Lakes! It has been hidden deep within the earth for a million years. Once they figure out a way to reach it, life will return to the barren land. This water comes from a period of time when many storms pounded the desert. It would not be there without those storms.

Maybe there is something for us to learn that comes from all the storms we are facing in our lives. For now, hold on to the hope that Spring will come soon. Just like the sun that comes up every morning, Spring always follows the season of Winter. May you find a way to handle all of the storms you have in your life or reach out and help someone around you that is struggling. Spring is almost here.

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