Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Where Hope Comes From

Acts 2:2-4 the disciples and others were gathered in an Upper Room when the Holy Spirit was poured out from heaven

It amazes me that two people can be in identical situations and one has hope while the other has despair (or hopelessness). The difference in these two people can be connected to something we cannot see on the outside although we may feel it on the inside.

I think back to that upper room where the followers of Jesus gathered after Jesus had departed. They all felt alone without Jesus and they were afraid. Then, something happened and they were changed. They received something that in Hebrew is called ruah, which means breath or spirit. This breath is like the wind.

So, what does it mean when you have this "ruah" inside of you. To me, it means that you can be in the middle of the ocean with no wind blowing and no land in sight. You have no compass. Everything should look hopeless but you believe you will get to your destination.

I cannot begin to describe the number of times I have been in these types of situations. Even some of the people I am around that are filled with despair are beginning to see a pattern. The wind always begins to blow and the boat starts moving.

Like the wind, we cannot see the Holy Spirit. This is where hope comes from. I will be writing more about "ruah" throughout this new year, a year filled with much hope and opportunity for those willing to embrace it. This is my prayer for you, that you be filled with hope, no matter how bad your circumstances. Time to sail on, I feel the breeze picking up.

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