Monday, January 18, 2010

A Great Lesson From My Youngest Son

My youngest son, Shane, is one of the biggest football fans I know. He loves watching the NFL classics and he is a huge fan of the San Diego Chargers. We both thought that this would be the year that our team would make it to the Super Bowl and actually win it all.

After a disappointing 2-3 start, we watched our team go on an impressive 11 game win streak and qualify for a home game as the number two seed in the AFC. Like most people in San Diego, we were stunned when our team somehow fell apart and lost in the playoffs yesterday.

The mood in our home after the loss was sour. Then, Shane came over to me and hugged me. He told me how fun it was to watch all these amazing games as a family and what a great time he had week after week. He told me that in six short months we would start over. We would put this behind us and bounce back. Next season we would once again cheer our favorite team on to victory.

I promised all of you that I would dedicate this year as the year of hope. I am so
Blessed to be surrounded by family members that have so much hope. My son is right. The best thing to do is be grateful for the awesome memories our team gave us this year and have hope for what is ahead next year. We must put this defeat behind us and move on. This is what life is all about, there is never a time to give up and this team will bounce back. I thank my son for letting me share his lesson with my fellow bloggers. I also thank the Chargers for the great memories they gave me this season.

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