Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We all have rituals in our daily lives. By adding to or subtracting from these daily routines or by adding new rituals, we can change our lives.

I think the most important ritual for the day is the first set of rituals in the morning. Do they bring peace? The way you start your day has a tremendous impact on what happens next.

If you are hitting the snooze button five or six times before getting up, you may want to consider a new wake-up strategy. The moment I plant my two feet on the ground, I immediately tell myself that I am going to have a great day. My subconscious mind starts looking for everything that will make the day a good one.

Take a look at the rituals you have in your daily life and throw out the ones that are not helping you reach your full potential. Avoid too much too fast. Start with one change and build on it once you have mastered it. Two or three new rituals will lead to big change in this new year. Spend time thinking about how you will benefit from these new rituals and work diligently for the first thirty days to make each ritual permanent.

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