Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year in Review

Most of us, myself included, are looking back at these last twelve months and we are happy to see this year coming to a conclusion. If you have been struggling, you are not alone.

Although, I did not get the courage to come out of my cave until the 4th quarter of this year, it was the trials throughout this year and in past years that prepared me to finally start this blog and publish "all the good that Jesus is doing for me". Without the trials, this blog may have never been started. Without this long season of Winter, there would not be such a high expectation for a brilliant Spring that is just ahead.

I thank the Holy Spirit for being there every day to guide me on this incredible journey. It was my prayer to the Holy Spirit that led to my personal encounter with Jesus. He inspired me to leave the cave and begin this blog which is now a life-time commitment.

I rejoice that my boat did not sink in this long season of winter. I see the light of Spring that is now just ahead. My role here is to encourage all of you to keep sailing towards the season of Spring. Let's stay in the boat together and share our individual gifts so that not a single one of us drowns. With Jesus as the captain of the ship, we will reach calm waters. That is not my promise, but His promise. I am just the messenger.

For me, the theme for 2010 is "HOPE". I choose to look at this world through God's eyes and not my own. I see these last hurdles in my life as opportunities to develop strong muscles so that I can jump higher than ever and run longer than I ever thought possible. Yes, I have fallen many times but I have chosen to get up every time. If you find yourself on the ground and struggling for the courage to stand again, I extend my hand to you and ask you to get up.

All of us have much work to do in the year ahead. If you bookmark this site, I promise you that I will do everything possible to help you on your journey. Yes, there will always be hurdles, but there will also be opportunities for all of us to find the courage and strength to jump over them and cross the finish line. Let's bring on the New Year!

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