Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make a Difference

There has been a big response within my extended family regarding the treasure box and I am really excited to place my first order. If you have not checked out this organization, go to for details on how you can save big on your grocery bill or order a treasure box for a family in need.

I learned that this program is also in place in Arizona. The deadline to order your treasure box filled with groceries is Sunday, December 6th and the pick up date is Saturday, December 19th. This program is run by volunteers and goes year round.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of those around you, why not consider volunteering with this non-profit organization. They could use help with distributing the food. Maybe you could get this started in your city if it is not available?

I was really amazed to see so many volunteers at my church last week when I dropped of the home-made gift basket from my friends at ADT Security. One lady was decorating the altar and she drove over thirty miles to get the flowers at a big discount. She told me her job was really small compared to what others were doing. I told her that the creativity she used to make the altar look so good was a unique gift that was for the benefit of the whole community.

Every contribution we make for the benefit of others can make a difference. As you prepare for Christmas, put a plan together to make a difference. There is no job that goes unrecognized in the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember, what you do for the least of His children, you do for Him. Below is a video of a little girl who is making a difference by sharing her song about her brother in the military. May God Bless all our military who are separated from their families. Have a great day.

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