Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Surprise Attack

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life when you feel like the boat you are in is sinking? What do you do? Do you feel that desire inside of you to jump ship? Do you attempt to bail out the water? Do you look for a life jacket? If you are experiencing this in your life, you are not alone.

I have been out of the cave now for ninety days. I have experienced the joy of feeling the sunlight on my skin. I have heard the birds singing every morning and the sunsets have never looked better. Connecting with friends and family has been especially rewarding now that I have weekends off. It has also been great to begin sharing my life with all of you.

I had a sense that the Enemy would attempt to interfere with me sharing all the good that Jesus is doing in my life and yesterday I experienced my first surprise attack. It reminds me of the two times my community was attacked by horrendous wildfires. The fires came as a complete surprise and left many devastated. This personal attack also caught me off guard.

Now is the time to reveal just how powerful Jesus is. When the surprise attack came I immediately sat down with my wife and began to pray. Yes, Jesus is the answer to any attack. It is so important to praise Him even as the boat is filling up with water. Remember, He is in the boat with us.

The enemy appears strong in our world. Even though 90% of us in our country believe in God, most of us are not sharing our faith. We are not preparing ourselves properly for His birthday in just twenty five days. We let our troubles take our eyes off of God.

I refuse to let the enemy take my eyes off of Jesus. This latest challenge has been placed in God's in-box. When this surprise attack has been thwarted, God will get the Glory. He is so much better than a life jacket. If you are facing a storm in your life, keep your sails up and stay in the boat. Calm waters are ahead...

Psalms 107

1 "Give thanks to the LORD who is good, whose love endures forever!"
Let that be the prayer of the LORD'S redeemed, those redeemed from the hand of the foe,
Those gathered from foreign lands, from east and west, from north and south.
Some had lost their way in a barren desert; found no path toward a city to live in.
They were hungry and thirsty; their life was ebbing away.
In their distress they cried to the LORD, who rescued them in their peril,
Guided them by a direct path so they reached a city to live in.
Let them thank the LORD for such kindness, such wondrous deeds for mere mortals.
For he satisfied the thirsty, filled the hungry with good things.
Some lived in darkness and gloom, in prison, bound with chains,
Because they rebelled against God's word, scorned the counsel of the Most High,
Who humbled their hearts through hardship; they stumbled with no one to help.
In their distress they cried to the LORD, who saved them in their peril,
Led them forth from darkness and gloom and broke their chains asunder.
Let them thank the LORD for such kindness, such wondrous deeds for mere mortals.
For he broke down the gates of bronze and snapped the bars of iron.
Some fell sick from their wicked ways, afflicted because of their sins.
They loathed all manner of food; they were at the gates of death.
In their distress they cried to the LORD, who saved them in their peril,
Sent forth the word to heal them, snatched them from the grave.
Let them thank the LORD for such kindness, such wondrous deeds for mere mortals.
Let them offer a sacrifice in thanks, declare his works with shouts of joy.
Some went off to sea in ships, plied their trade on the deep waters.
They saw the works of the LORD, the wonders of God in the deep.
He spoke and roused a storm wind; it tossed the waves on high.
They rose up to the heavens, sank to the depths; their hearts trembled at the danger.
They reeled, staggered like drunkards; their skill was of no avail.
In their distress they cried to the LORD, who brought them out of their peril,
Hushed the storm to a murmur; the waves of the sea were stilled.
They rejoiced that the sea grew calm, that God brought them to the harbor they longed for.
Let them thank the LORD for such kindness, such wondrous deeds for mere mortals.
Let them praise him in the assembly of the people, give thanks in the council of the elders.
2 God changed rivers into desert, springs of water into thirsty ground,
Fruitful land into a salty waste, because of the wickedness of its people.
He changed the desert into pools of water, arid land into springs of water,
And settled the hungry there; they built a city to live in.
They sowed fields and planted vineyards, brought in an abundant harvest.
God blessed them, they became very many, and their livestock did not decrease.
But he poured out contempt on princes, made them wander the trackless wastes,
Where they were diminished and brought low through misery and cruel oppression,
While the poor were released from their affliction; their families increased like their flocks.
The upright saw this and rejoiced; all wickedness shut its mouth.
Whoever is wise will take note of these things, will ponder the merciful deeds of the LORD.

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