Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Wrong Road

The title for today's post comes from Tom Cruise in the movie, "Far and Away". He and Nicole Kidman play the role of Joseph and Shannon who come to America from Ireland to fulfill their dreams of owning land. It is the late 1880's when they arrive. Shannon has all of her savings stolen before she arrives and Joseph is already poor.

There is a point in the movie where the two have gone their separate ways and Joseph is working on the railroad. The train is stopped and the workers poke fun at the group of people in stage coaches that are heading to the Oklahoma land rush which is about to begin. As the train begins to depart, Joseph suddenly jumps off. His buddies ask what is wrong, and he tells them he is on the wrong road.

Joseph and Shannon made their dreams come true because they both persisted even when everything looked hopeless. Our country was founded by our ancestors who wanted to change directions.

It takes courage to admit the road you are on is the wrong one. It is even more difficult to actually change directions. If you find yourself on the wrong road, decide to change course and take action.

Enjoy the music from "Far and Away" that is sung by Enya, the number two artist in Ireland after the group "U2" and may your dreams comes true...

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