Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy to the World

When my children were little, every once in a while one of them would have a temper flare up. I would tell them that the "grumpies" were inside of them and it was time to tell them good bye. They would laugh as we waved to the departing grumpies. Some were stubborn and they needed some tickling to get them to leave.

My dad told me that when he was little he sometimes got the grumpies around Christmas time. He felt that Christmas was a rip-off because he was born on Christmas day and he shared his birthday and his presents with his twin brother.

I wonder how my dad feels now that he is in Heaven. What a blessing to be with Jesus on their birthdays! What a joy to have such a special twin brother on this earth that was always there in my father's darkest days. I am honored to be named after my father's twin even though I don't get to see him. I know how much he misses my dad, especially at this time of year. His other siblings feel the same way.

If we feel the grumpies inside of us during the Christmas season, we need to look inside of ourselves and figure out a way to get those stubborn grumpies to go away.

Like the chess game I talked about yesterday, I focus on the end game rather than difficult situation that I may be in today. In the end, the White King is the big winner. When we choose to be on His team, we are also the big winners. The sacrifices that we make in this world or the pain we go through are only temporary compared to eternal life.

Remember, the White King made the ultimate sacrifice for all of us. If you are getting short-changed because you were born on Christmas day, the day before or after (happy birthday Aunt Marcie), think of the present you got from Jesus. Yes, he gave you the key to Heaven. It is one gift you can share with the whole world and not feel ripped off.

Enjoy this video shot at the happiest place on earth and remember that there is a place reserved for you in Heaven. Can you think of a better give to receive?

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