Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Positive Thinker

My wife left me a note of encouragement this morning..."The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible." While I was reading it, my thoughts were about the people in metro station in Washington D.C. that I wrote about the other day (see "Perception"). Out of 2,000 people that walked by the famous violinist, only a few stopped to witness something out of this world. Most of the people who stopped were children. They would have stayed to hear the music but the were hurried along by their parents. If we are so busy that we miss seeing what is visible and feels tangible, how are we ever going to see the invisible or feel the intangible? How can we achieve the impossible?

When we are young, we have this natural curiosity. We are drawn to things that most adults are too busy to see. When we grow up, we get into routines and overlook so much beauty that is all around us. We let negative thoughts control our choices. We put limits on ourselves.

Positive thinkers attract people. They see things that others overlook. When they are faced with challenges, they see solutions. They don't give up. They make the impossible possible.

Maybe this is why Jesus tells us we must become like children. We need to get out of our routines and discover the possibilities that are out their for our lives. Take time to look in the mirror today and ask yourself what passions are inside of you that you have been overlooking. Take a moment in your busy day and see something that you have not seen before and appreciate it.

Positive thinking opens doors and allows you to achieve what may look impossible to others. The child that is inside of you already knows this. Are you ready to see the invisible today?

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