Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Balancing Act

Living in the cave kept me closed off from friends and family members. Now that I am out and blogging daily, I am sharing the challenges I face. They are no different from what you see in an average day. The way we choose to deal with life is what makes us or breaks us.

A few weeks ago I shared about my commitment to remove all the clutter in my life and get organized. As I continue to improve in this area, I am starting to see more clearly how other areas also need attention. The problem is how to get this done and still have a life. The reality is that all of us are struggling with the "Balancing Act." I must admit that I have a long way to go. Remember, these daily posts are a work in progress. We are on a journey together. My commitment is to post every day and share all the good that Jesus is doing in my life. So, how does this relate to balance?

If you are seeking to have more balance in your life, the first step is to review where you are today. What you are doing at the present moment reveals what is important to you. If you are watching TV six hours a day, that is your priority. If you are helping your children with their homework, that is your priority. Have you ever kept a log of all the things you do in a day? You might be surprised what is on top of your list of activities.

Once you have figured out how you are using your time each day, try re-arranging the list. When one thing gets eliminated, there is room for something else.

My life became more balanced when I chose to put God in the #1 position on my list. This spot is non-negotiable, that means, no matter what comes up, God stays on top of the list. This includes daily prayer, listening to music that praises God and visiting Him once a week in His House. When I am praying, I ask for help with my "balancing act".

There are crazy things I do in my daily routine, such as 50 leg raises while I am brushing my teeth and flossing. I know this is a result of looking at my vision board every day. My subconscious some how responds to what I am seeking in my life.

The lesson here is to seek balance and be willing to give up things that are causing you to lose your balance. Have a great day.

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