Monday, November 30, 2009

Turning the Past Upside Down

A scientist who has been studying sharks all his life made a big discovery. Accidentally, he turned a shark upside down and he observed that the shark went into some kind of hypnotic trance. The shark became completely helpless.

Some killer whales off of the California coast have also made the same discovery. They now have the upper hand in the food chain as they are ramming the great white shark and then turning them over. Once the great white is on its belly, a single killer whale can hold onto it until it suffocates.

We can use this same method found in nature to wipe out our past memories. We need the right tools to do this and it is just as effective as turning a great white on its back. It does not matter how old the memory is or if the people in the memory are dead.

The solution to turning a bad memory upside down is to ask Jesus to do it. He has the ability to time travel into the past and visit the memory as you relive it in your mind. In order for Him to turn the memory upside down, you must let go of it first. Once the memory has been turned over, it no longer has its destructive ability that has been haunting you. The memory is still there but as long as it is upside down, it cannot hurt you.

Do not attempt to take the bad memory back. Leave it with Jesus. If the memory ever turns back over, it's negative effects will return. Jesus was the greatest fishermen ever. It is best to let Him catch all the bad memories from your past. Are you ready to go fishing with Him?

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Jim Scottsdale said...

Some memories are simply learning experiences. Accept the gift of knowledge and pledge to perform differently the next time a similar experience occurs.
Other memories need to be taken to the road with garbage and send to the dump not to be dealt with again. Afterall, who goes to the dump to relive the past?