Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Alive Again

As I was returning home to post today's message, the song, "Alive Again" by Matt Maher came on KLove, a christian radio station. Klove is the number 3 button in my car and this is the button I touch most often because the music brings me peace.

This morning I was especially touched by the song and google searched using a couple of lyrics so I could find out more about it. It reminded me of the darkness I lived in before coming out of the cave. As I searched for the song, I found this video on YouTube that another person created. She added awesome pictures to go along with the song and it is posted for your benefit below.

The second video is an interview with Matt Maher that was done at 5:00 am near Arizona State on a mountain called A mountain. I spent my last two years of college at Arizona State University and this particular interview hit me hard because I spent time on this mountain meditating about my life. It is just one more "Godincidence" that I will add to my list since coming out of the cave.

One of the things that touched me about Matt's interview is the way he sort of gets out of the way so the camera can focus on the sun coming up. That is really my role here as the cave man, publish all the good that Jesus has done and point the way for others so they can see the Son. Today's song is just one more good thing Jesus has done for me and I thank Matt for sharing his testimony. Have a great day.

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