Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Black Hole Mystery is Solved

The two pictures in this post have a lot in common. The picture to the right is from the popular Stargate series. Every week the characters go through a worm hole and visit worlds all over the universe. The picture on the left is also connected to some type of a worm hole but at times it works more like a black hole.

My wife dials up a series of codes on these devices. When the timer goes off, most of the items return safely. Every once in a while, something disappears. I have always wondered where the missing items go. Could aliens on distant planets be wearing my socks?

Yesterday, I found the other side of the black hole. It is located in the second drawer on my side of the dresser. Until I made the commitment to get organized, I never spent much time in this mysterious drawer. It contains all my socks including the ones that lost their mate in the home version of Stargate located in our laundry room.

Instead of just looking on the surface for the first pair of matching socks, I changed things up and completely emptied the drawer. It took about twenty minutes to match up the socks. I also found about four pairs of socks that belong to my wife that have been missing for months.

This mystery may not seem like a big deal but it shows what can happen when you make small changes in your life. Do you have any black hole mysteries to solve in your life? The answer may be as simple as cleaning out a drawer.

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