Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Belief Meter

Everybody on this planet has a belief meter. Picture yourself holding a pencil on your forehead that is pointing down towards your nose. When the "belief meter" is 100% vertical, that symbolizes a zero on the scale. Anyone who is not sure there is a God would be in this position on the scale. An agnostic would fit into this category. Move in any direction and you move into an area of belief whether it is belief in something existing or not existing.

A new billboard went up in my city this week reflecting the views of those who believe there is no God. There are probably levels of "disbelief" just like there are levels of "belief". Most of us, regardless of where we find ourselves on the "belief meter", are motivated by two things, hope for gain and fear of loss. These two motivators can lead to changes in our belief meter.

I am still trying to figure out the motivation for spending $6,200 on a sign that tells the world something does not exist. Wouldn't it be more fun to take a nice vacation since there is nothing to look forward to once you die if you don't believe in God? Do you really want to surround yourself with people who do not believe in eternity? The social events might be fun for a while but what happens when nonbelievers get old or sick? The sign claims "you are not alone". I may be blind here but isn't there something ironic about that statement?

The agnostic searches for answers. Like Thomas who wanted to see proof of Jesus coming back from the dead, an agnostic wants scientific evidence before he will change his location on his belief meter. He will go left or right depending on the evidence. The rest of us go with our belief system.

My belief meter moved drastically once I invited Jesus into my heart. There is no other way for me to explain how my views of the world have changed. In fact, before my conversion, this group of non-believers was on my hate list. I classified them as dream killers or party poopers (I am referring to past conversations of Heaven). How dare they attempt to destroy my vision of eternity! Thank God that I no longer have prejudice toward this group. It is probably wrong thinking like this that pushed some people to the left on the belief meter. It is also sad that the actions of believers have contributed to the growing numbers of nonbelievers.

We live in a free country. Regardless of where you find yourself on the belief meter, you are a part of the puzzle. It is not right for any of us to fight with one another because of our belief or non-belief. It is my prayer that those of us on the right side of the belief meter will shine a light that may attract those on the left side so they may no longer feel alone. That is what God is all about, connecting all of us together so that we may spend an eternity with Him.

May your life be an example for others so that they can see the Creator in you and believe.


Michael said...

People who do not believe in God have closed themselves off to the possibility. Those of us who have "faith" and live our lives in daily prayer have opened our hearts. Through that constancy of belief God reveals Himself bit by bit. Why should He waste His time on those who don't care? they harden their hearts!

Michael Mulligan said...

Thanks for the comment. The lost are never a waste of time for Him. We are here to help those without faith find the connection. Remember, He will leave the other 99 to find the one who is lost and He will never give up.