Friday, November 6, 2009

Mad Max and Atheist Alex

Today's blog is different from all the previous posts. It is about two friends that the naked cave man has known for a long time. Their names and identities have been modified. These two characters are the real reason why this blog was created. I did not become aware of their beliefs until this week and now I understand that they represent the "lost" and the "fallen" that Jesus is reaching out to.

These two friends will be part of this blog from now on. As you read about them, think about people you know that share the same views. Maybe you see yourself in Max or Alex. It's time to meet these fictional characters...

Atheist Alex is from a European country. He owns a couple of businesses and is happily married. He plays hard and works hard. Alex loves to follow American politics and does not see much difference between republicans and democrats. According to Alex, his homeland has the best health care and the best way of life. He came to our country to pursue his dreams of owning his own business. If it were not for his desire to be an entrepreneur, he would still be in his homeland.

Alex loves to play tennis. He pushes himself to the limit and is well liked in the group. I was surprised when Alex revealed to the group that he is an atheist. That is one thing about being a male, we love to play together but we don't talk much. Alex does not know about this blog yet. He will probably find it humorous that I invented a character based on him. I don't know what will happen in the future but Alex has already opened the door for more discussion on the subject of religion. He will be with us on our journey together here on this blog.

Mad Max is another friend from the tennis group. He gets his fictional name because he has broken more tennis rackets than anyone I have ever known. He has a mean serve. There have been times when I was not sure if I could get up after being hit in the back by one of those 100 mph plus serves. One of my bruises took over two weeks to finally heal.

All of us cringe when Max is on a losing streak. By the end of the night, the neighbors surrounding the tennis courts will have heard one or two of Max's favorite words and a broken tennis racket will be left in the trash bin. Max is also a business owner so he can afford to destroy a racket every now and then.

Like Alex, I did not learn of Max's views about religion until our three-way conversation last Wednesday night. Max knew what church I attend because he asked many years ago when I told the group I needed to be excused for a special event. Max told me and Alex he used to be a part of my "team" but he became disgruntled and moved on. I told Max that I understand his anger and I know many people who think like him. That is the main reason for not disclosing the "label" of my faith here on this blog. In God's eyes, all of us are on the same team. It's man who chooses to divide into separate groups and the Evil One is good at creating chaos amongst believers.

I have played tennis with Max and Alex for many years. Aside from Alex's political pokes at American politics we really don't know much about each other. Tennis has always been the reason we come together week after week and our sessions go for up to four hours.

I am not afraid to reveal my faith to my two friends. As you can see from my YouTube video and this blog, I am not afraid to reveal my shortcomings to the world. Sharing my faith with Max and Alex is just one more step in the journey since leaving the cave.

Mad Max and Atheist Alex will be here regularly. Since God has put them in my life, I will keep you updated. Atheist Alex may want to do a guest commentary when he learns about the naked cave man's blog. Mad Max may have a point or two as well.

Bookmark this site and come back again to find out more about the naked cave man and his tennis buddies. I know how the story ends...God wins. It will be interesting to see what Max and Alex have to say. Have a great day and enjoy this video. John McEnroe and Mad Max have a lot in common...

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