Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just before going to bed last night, I studied my wife's poster board. She pasted a bunch of pictures together showing her goals and her theme is "hope". She placed a quote at the top of her poster that says, "Hope is the dream of a soul awake". Although our poster boards look very different in appearance, we both have goals that are in alignment.

Is your soul awake? Do you have dreams? Do you feel connected? Are your burdens getting you down? Do you have a sense that you are overwhelmed? How can you get hope?

This is what I was looking for the day I opened my Bible and asked God to show me who I am in His eyes. God over-delivered. I was looking for a clue about why I am here on this planet and He gave me a new hope that has transformed me.

When you look at the video clip of "the Naked Cave Man Meets Jesus", you can see that there was no hope in my old life. You can call it blindness, demonic possession or immaturity. The bottom line is that there was no hope and that character was me.

When Jesus got off the boat and met the naked cave man, He removed the blindness, cast out the demons and gave the man hope. This scared all the people who were watching and all they wanted was for Jesus to get back in the boat and disappear. I remember in my teenage years asking Jesus to take me with Him because I could not see hope. In the Bible story and in my real life, Jesus told me to stay here.

The Bible story is what gave me hope because my future and the meaning of my life was revealed. What Jesus showed me in the story is that He will come back for all of us. Jesus tells the truth 100% of the time. When He says He is coming back, I believe it. When He tells me to publish all the good He has done for me so you can have hope, I publish.

I wasted a lot of years by letting other things get in the way of doing this blog but I am thankful to be here now. Take a look at your life and ask yourself if there is anything you can do to make the world better. It is time for your soul to wake up and hope is YOUR dream. My hope is anchored in Christ and in the promise He made that He will return for all of us. May your life be filled with hope.

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