Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Treasure Box

Next week we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It is a special time of the year. I can already smell the turkey and can't wait to enjoy a day with family. It is also important to do something to help those around us who are searching for a new job.

We all know at least one family that is going through some tough times. Today's blog is about sharing. There is a group that puts together treasure boxes for just $30 (the retail value of the food is $75 to $100). One treasure box can feed a family of four for a week or one person for a month! You can order as many boxes as you want for your family or to give as gifts. There are volunteers that set up distribution points and you pick up the treasure boxes once a month on Saturday. The order deadline for the December 19th pickup is December 6.

Can you imagine the look on a young child's face when they open the door and see this treasure box full of food? If you can spare an extra $30, why not make a difference in the world? I am already planning to get one of these for my family and use the savings on my food bill to get an extra one for someone very special.

Here is the website to order a treasure box:

Have a great day.

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