Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Voice of One Crying Out in the Wilderness

Today's post comes from John the Baptist. Like me, he spent time in the wilderness preparing for his role. He lived in caves and spent most of his life praying for direction.

John knew that people were looking for hope. He also knew that most were distracted and far from God. As he baptized people, he did his best to get them focused on changing their ways. He wanted them to find a path to our Savior.

One day, Jesus came to John and asked to be Baptized. The two were cousins. John knew who Jesus was, even while still in his mother's womb. He knew what his job was and his time in the wilderness helped him to prepare to lead others to Jesus.

My mother gave me a book, "John, Son of Thunder". The author made me feel like I was there in the time of Jesus. It was based on actual events but focused more on the emotions of the people. It was a time when people were not sure what to think of Jesus.

Over time, John's role diminished. Once Jesus revealed Himself, John knew his job was done. When Jesus returns, my job as the cave man will also be done. For now, I am one voice crying out from the wilderness and I am here to remind you He wants you to prepare for His return.

Do something every day to get ready for His birthday. It is so much more than presents. While you celebrate, remember what He did for you and how much He loves you. You still have thirty two days to get ready for His birthday. Will you be ready?

John 1:23
He said: I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Isaias.

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