Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Little Things Make a Difference

It has been really fun these last couple of months reconnecting with old friends and family members. One of the things I have observed since leaving the cave is that one small change in one area of my life seems to benefit other areas. For example, giving up Mountain Dew and all other soda products has contributed to getting better sleep. Better sleep has helped me to be more productive at work. Increased productivity has allowed me to better serve my customers. My new energy levels enable me to be more involved with my family. This is possible by making one small change like my food choices.

I have decided to make another small change today and that is my attitude towards being organized. It seems that no matter how many times I list this as a goal every year, I find myself falling short. Every morning I am going to tell myself that I am getting better at being organized and I will find one small thing each day that I will do to make a difference.

I think the reason for my past failures in this area is because I have always viewed getting organized as a chore or as something too big to overcome. I have special drawers where I put things to get them out of the way and then I leave them there until I need to find something. My garage is the same way. I start out with an annual cleaning and then pile stuff on top of stuff until I can barely get around. The trunk of my car also needs some attention. My desk at work is in a public area and people love to put stuff there because they know it will be safe and untouched.

I mentioned setting up a poster board in an earlier post. This has been an amazing tool to help me and my wife focus on areas of our lives that we want to improve. Today I am going to add "I am organized" to my vision board. If this small change works as well as getting rid of Mountain Dew, this weakness will turn into a strength. Yes, I am going to have fun getting rid of all the clutter in my life. How about you? What is the little thing in your life that you are going to change today that will make a difference?

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