Sunday, November 15, 2009

Date Night

We live in a hectic world. It is so easy to take the people you love for granted. Children and jobs fill up our calendars. I needed to make some adjustments to make sure the one I love knows how special she is in my life. Today's message is especially for all the married couples out there.

My wife and I block out one evening per month that is designated as date night. My wife came out early to the tennis courts to watch me and our daughter play in the mixed doubles social. My wife was planning on being my date for the potluck but everyone left once the tennis was over. We refused to let that stop our designated date night and joined with another couple for dinner and a movie. We shared our food that we made for the potluck and had a great evening.

If you haven't had a date with your spouse in over thirty days, get out your calendar and plan one. Make a commitment to do this every month and watch your marriage come alive. The best thing you can do for your children is to show them how important your spouse is and actions speak louder than words.

Have a great day!

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