Saturday, November 7, 2009

Philosophy 101

I will never forget my introduction to philosophy. As I was walking into my first class on my first day of college, I noticed an older man squatting just outside the front door. He wore a brown blazer and had a cigarette in his hand. His hair was uncombed. My first thought was that I hoped he wouldn't be sitting next to me. He offered me a smile as I walked past him.

The bell rang and the man was the last one to enter. He walked past me and headed for the chalkboard. As he wrote his name, he revealed a bright orange pattern that was inside his blazer. This man that resembled Kramer from Seinfeld was my philosophy instructor!

Mr. Hubbard inspired me to think deeply and to study. My mother was one of his students and she loved his class. He dedicated forty years of his life to teaching philosophy. This morning as I was waking up, I was thinking about atheist Alex. I remembered the papers I wrote about the existence of evil and other fascinating topics in Mr. Hubbard's class. I wished Alex could have met my teacher.

Mr. Hubbard never shared his personal views on anything. Instead, he pushed us to learn all we could about philosophy. We spent a great deal of time learning about Rene Descartes who is often referred to as the "Father of Modern Philosophy". It was Descartes who made discoveries by first doubting everything. He stated that "I exist" is impossible to doubt so it must be absolutely certain. Once establishing the we exist, he deduces that God must exist and that it is impossible for Him to be a deceiver.

As I prepare myself for the next philosophical discussion with my tennis buddies, I will draw on my experiences from philosophy 101 and from my own experiences while living in the cave. Mad Max will be easier to deal with because he believes there is a God, he is just mad at the men who distort what God is all about. Atheist Alex does not believe in God. In order to understand him, I am going to use the same method Mr. Hubbard used, asking questions designed to get Alex thinking.

Remember, this blog is all about you. You are here because you are searching for something. Whether you believe in God, or believe but have anger issues like Mad Max, this blog is designed to help you on your journey. If you are not a believer, stay tuned. We are in the boat together and we have a long journey ahead. Descartes discovered that we exist. The question I want to leave with you today is "why do I exist"? Have a great weekend.

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