Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter 1- Friends of the Naked Cave Man

This is a fictional account of ongoing conversations with the naked cave man and his buddies. Mad Max and Atheist Alex are based on a combination of many real life people but the following story is not real. The interaction between the characters is designed to help you on your journey.

As you read about these friends of the naked cave man, you may become part of the story at any time. Just send me an email and ask to join the conversation (to get to the email button click on view my profile on the left column under my picture). You are invited to make up a fictional name and identity so that you can remain anonymous. Create a short bio for your character and give me a list of questions you would like to discuss with the fictional group. If you would rather not be a character, you may pose a question to me, Max or Alex and your question will be brought to the group for discussion.

The real part of the story is my role. I am here because of my conversion experience. Keep in mind that the end of the story has already been written...God wins. The conversations may be very interesting at times but the reality is that Jesus will return and all of us will be there.

Before you begin reading, check out the post titled Mad Max and Atheist Alex. We will begin this story with the meeting of these three friends who are sharing their views about God.

Chapter One- Is There a God?

Another ankle injury forced the tennis group to cut the evening short and just like last week, the three friends found themselves alone at the tennis club once the fourth player went home early. Alex was the first to ask a question, “Why do so many people believe in something that cannot be seen?” Mad Max was quick to answer. “Just because you can’t see something, does not mean that it is not there. You can’t see air but obviously it is there or you would be dead!”

Alex was referring to the gods that man has invented over the centuries to explain why the sun comes up or why nature works the way it does. He was really picking on the Greeks for making up all those false gods. Alex added that man has been wrong about most things for centuries.

The naked cave man asked Alex if he always believed there was no God. Alex talked about growing up in Europe. He felt that many of his friends had been brainwashed the same way he was growing up. Then Max started complaining about man’s role in religion. He was clearly angry about the way man was messing things up.

The cave man told Max that there was a time when he was mad at God. He shared the story about all the prayers that went unanswered during his teenage years. The cave man always believed there was a God...He was just busy running the universe.

It was getting cold, so the group decided to stop the conversation. All three were interested in knowing more about each other so they decided to set aside one hour the following week after tennis to share more. Since the topics to be discussed were so interesting, the group agreed to allow friends to join in. The group went home. Another fun night was over.

Want to join the conversation? Send me an email and you will become part of the story.

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