Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The 10 Commandments

Every day when I drive to work I need to remember to turn on my headlights. The road on my commute is one of the most dangerous in my state. There are crosses at every turn. The fine for not using headlights on this road is a minimum of $200. This rule is in place to make the road safer.

Just like the daytime headlight rule, the 10 Commandments were given to us to keep us safe. The first three are designed to strengthen our relationship with the Creator of the universe. He wants us to stay connected to Him.

The next seven have to do with our relationship with others. It starts with our parents. A healthy relationship with our parents helps us to fit into the world better. They made sacrifices to bring us into the world and we need to remember that when they face the fourth quarter of their lives.

The other commandments help us to understand that we need to keep our focus on what each of us is created to do. If we spend our energy comparing ourselves to others, we forget about our own unique place in God's puzzle. This is like being on a football team where everybody wants to be the quarterback. Football teams win when each member of the team knows his place and does his job. If one player forgets his role, the whole team suffers.

The best way to teach these commandments to your children is to follow them. Call your parents. Spend time with them. Let them know how much you appreciate all the sacrifices they made for you while you were growing up. If they did anything to hurt you, forgive them and let go of the past.

Make sure your spouse knows how much you love them. Go on dates. Write love letters. Pray together. Learn your spouse's love language (see earlier post). Praise them for the good things they do and look in the mirror before you get into a fight about their shortcomings. Thank God for all that you have and be happy for your neighbors when they come home in the car of your dreams.

Bring the 10 commandments with you when you go to work. Don't steal from your boss. Give him or her your best every moment that you are on the clock. Why not do more than is expected? There are a couple of people that I work with that do this every day and they never look for a pat on the back. They know their place in the puzzle and Zoom is growing because of their hard work. They have inspired me to carry more of the load.

Turn on your headlights when you drive during the day and do your part to make our roads safer, even if it is not a law or commandment and don't forget to make the 10 commandments a part of your life.

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