Friday, November 13, 2009

Zoom Update

Yesterday, we had our first official sales meeting at since my return two months ago. We invented a new method for posting ads to fifteen websites in addition to our own website/magazine. The most popular of these sites is Craigslist. This new Zoom+ package will assist our customers during these tough economic times at a price that will fit their budgets. We have been working on this program for two months and it is unique to the car business. It will reduce labor costs for dealers who post ads on their own and drive more traffic to the dealerships without breaking the bank.

Zoom is also officially launching Zoom Autos Las Vegas on Friday, November 20th. We will be working double shifts starting today and all of next week in order to have a successful launch. Soon we will be announcing more cities as we expand on a regional level.

I wanted to thank all of my friends and family members for their continued prayers. I made a promise to Jesus that I would publish all the good that He has done for me and that includes Zoom. He has been with me every day and He gets all the credit for bringing the pieces of the puzzle together. Our survival in this market is nothing short of a miracle. The individuals we have at Zoom are the best in the country. Soon, we will be able to add more people who are on the sidelines due to Goliath's downsizing.

Please continue to pray for all of the people at Zoom and for their families who will be missing them this week as we go into launch mode. Pray also that we can create more jobs for those that are unemployed. We will do our best to help this great country get back on its feet again. Thank you, Jesus, for all the good you have done for us. Have a great day.

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